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  • Electronics Developer Information

    I like to share what I have learned:

    • Printed Media Articles
    • DIY Projects
    • Tear-downs
    • Useful Tips
    • Musings
  • Circuit Development

    I can make the electronic circuit for your
    next product or invention, including:

    • Analysis and Design
    • "Bench-Testing" and Demonstration
    • Allow for early Go/No-Go Decisions
  • My Automation Instructable

    In the course of making stuff for myself and my customers, I frequently perform tedious tasks that could be automated. One of these is cutting foam sheets from a large roll...

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  • Custom Circuit Boards

    Once we know the circuit works, I can
    design and build your circuit boards.

  • Prototypes

    I can package your invention so that
    you have something for:

    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Investor Demonstrations
    • Trade Shows
  • My 3D Printing Instructable

    3D printing is one of those cool technologies that, once you start using it, you wonder how you ever got along without it before. Here is a bit about my adventures with 3D printing...

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Custom Electronic Gadgets and Prototypes

Jurgen makes your Custom Electronic Gadgets and PrototypesMy name is Jürgen Schmidt. This is a German name and Anglicized would be something like “George Smith”. That my surname is Schmidt is appropriate since I make stuff. The word “smith” in English and “Schmied” in German have similar meanings and the base,”smi-” means “to cut or work with a sharp instrument”. The word is usually associated with metal-working. I believe, though, that it can be associated with the making of anything – program code, food sculptures, writing, putting in a garden, whatever.

Mostly, I make electronic gadgets. Usually, I do this because the device I want doesn’t exist, is too expensive to buy, or doesn’t have some of the features I want. Sometimes I make my own gadgets because what’s commercially available has too many features or is just too complex.

I make electronic toys to amuse my cats, I make custom electronic gadgets and prototypes for product developers and inventors, and I make gadgets to make life easier, whether it’s my own or someone else’s.

While my work is to make gadgets for others, I also like to help people make their own. Many of the postings, projects and magazine articles you’ll find here are about teaching how to do something, and providing resource guides for additional information.

I welcome comments on what you see here, and, if you want to contact me and get a reply, please select “Contact” and send me a message.

– Jürgen

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