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Workshop Automation

I needed to upgrade one of my workshop tools, and in the course of doing so I explored using robot building systems to do this. The end result is a piece of workshop automation that automatically measures, cuts […]

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Pushbutton Power Switch Published

My article describing how to add a pushbutton power switch to your embedded systems project has been published in the November 2014 issue of Nuts and Volts Magazine. The title is “Toss the Toggle” and here is an […]

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Serial Debugging for PIC Projects

Here is a quick tip for getting diagnostic information from your Microchip PIC project without having to add a MAX3232 or similar device to it. A lot of my projects are simple and I like to keep the […]

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Elevator Speech

I’ve been asked what I do. Presumeably, they’re asking about my job or who I work for. This was easy to answer when I was a programmer in a cubicle of a large firm. Since I fired that […]

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Converting to WordPress Cautions

Be very wary of anyone offering to convert your website to WordPress at a low cost! I got some pretty interesting offers for converting my existing site of primarily static pages. When I decided to convert my website […]

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